You wanna perform at WordSpace? Excellent!

Whether it’s your first time reading to a crowd or you live to perform they’ll be an audience of eager and supportive folk listening.

Things you should know before getting a slot:

  • You can do all sorts: poetry, prose, spoken word, comedy, music (acoustic), theatre, shouting etc
  • It’s 5 minute slots for all. Sticking to the time shows you respect others.
  • We always applaud
  • If it’s your first time performing, we applaud even more!


How to get a slot

Just turn up and get yourself down on the clipboard. Let us know if you have a time preference, especially if you’ve got a bus to catch.

If you’re coming a distance then send us a message on Facebook and we’ll make a little priority considering you’re dedicated to come visit us.

We all would love to stay for the whole night but we understand if you’ve got to leave a bit earlier.

Can I get a longer slot?

To be honest it’s very unlikely. Sometimes there are quieter nights but it rarely happens these days.

Notes for Musicians

We’re a bit technically limited for musicians (sorry!). You’re best to go acoustic.

There is an amp for a microphone though.

Sometimes we have a band that come along now and again so you could plug in some equipment but there’s no specific times.

you’re more than welcome to bring along your own equipment. It’s not the largest space but a drum kit can fit in. Nothing of Neil Pert levels though.

Notes for Comedians

This is a great place to try out new ideas that you’ve got. We love hearing new ideas.

But this isn’t a comedy night, so don’t expect the same atmosphere.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing your stuff alongside spoken word and music that’s ok. But if you like checking out new things then come along.