WordSpace RoundUp – 1 Feb 2017

By Emma Thorton This month’s WordSpace begins with ‘The Mo Mo’s’, a trio set up with a five string electric bass, an acoustic guitar and a violin. The first song they play is called Sycamore Tree which is a fairly whimsical, nostalgic track. There is a beautiful melancholy to their sound, evoked by the violin. … Continue reading WordSpace RoundUp – 1 Feb 2017


The End of 2016

This blog is pretty detailed report by Emma Thornton of her second time to WordSpace on the 7th December 2016. The night saw one of our biggest turnouts yet, which turned our regular space in The Sandbar into a Takeshi’s Castle style assault course. The End of 2016 First off, I would like to congratulate … Continue reading The End of 2016