WordSpace Round – 1 March 2017

WordSpace 1st March - By Emma Thorton This is a friendly space for the arts: poetry, prose, every form of performance, including (but not exclusive to) bare-naked wrestling, pottery, competitive baking, anything our audience and performers are willing to do. We have two special guests tonight (everybody say ‘ooh’). We have Carl, on the musical … Continue reading WordSpace Round – 1 March 2017


WordSpace RoundUp – 1 Feb 2017

By Emma Thorton This month’s WordSpace begins with ‘The Mo Mo’s’, a trio set up with a five string electric bass, an acoustic guitar and a violin. The first song they play is called Sycamore Tree which is a fairly whimsical, nostalgic track. There is a beautiful melancholy to their sound, evoked by the violin. … Continue reading WordSpace RoundUp – 1 Feb 2017